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GIRLS by The Flirtations was originally released in 2015. The album was producered by Don Hunter annd Sam Scott. The album cotains 16 tracks. 'This CD album is filled with the greatest hits of the greatest girl groups.' - Don Hunter


1. Nowhere To Run.                                       9. He's So Fine

2. You Keep Me Hanging On                       10.Stop In The Name Of Love

3. When You're Young And In Love.           11. Chapel Of Love

4. Nothing But A Heartache.                      12. Baby Love

5. Heat Wave!                                               13. Baby, It's You

6. Will You Love Me Tomorrow                   14. I'm So Excited

7. Jimmy Mack                                             15. I'm Still Waiting

8. Daning In The Streer                                16. How Sweet It Is

GIRLS - signed CD album

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